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A group of independent, action-minded people with ALS, caregivers, and activists have met quietly on Saturdays to define a major problem in ALS research and design solutions.

These ALS Problem Solvers are organization-agnostic.
Their sole agenda is to solve the problem.

These individuals studied hard, worked diligently and learned from other disease activists. They sometimes disagreed and they often sparked new ideas.

With the valuable help of friends to the cause, the Problem Solvers wrote the report to the NIH on the Five Things That Will Change Everything.

The Problem Solvers are ready to work with NIH to co-produce the five cogs and put the solution into action together.

Acting together they will change everything.
The ALS Problem Solvers
Danielle Boyce
Mary Catherine Collet
Philip Green
Gregg Gonsalves
Robert Hebron
Tim Lowrey
Sandy Morris
Becky Mourey
Gwen Petersen
Glen Rouse
Other Supporters
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